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Many years of experience and the know-how honed in the winemaking sector enable us to provide a wide range of highly innovative biotechnological solutions that meet and exceed any production need. Each product we make undergoes rigorous Quality Control by our researchers in the Research & Development Department. Our quality checks take into account both the regulations in force and performance in real conditions, and include chemical, microbiological and functional analyses.



For over 50 years, we have been leveraging knowledge honed globally in order to offer tailor-made solutions to wine producers, allowing them to meet their market goals. Each and every product we offer is the result of continuous innovation and studies conducted by our best researchers in the Research & Development Department. The result of advanced technical-scientific research, our biotechnologies make use of exclusive formulations and meet every need during the entire winemaking process. Through our knowledge and our products, we support customers by ensuring that they achieve a quality output that retains its original characteristics over time.




Our wide range of products for winemaking offers solutions for every need, including specific allergen free, vegan and organic wine formulations that comply with the relevant industry regulations. Our wide range of products includes must-have dry yeasts for wines and sparkling wines, and, specifically, Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts, which guarantee a perfect wine fermentation process from the start, and non-Saccharomyces yeasts, which bring a variety of benefits to wine.

Our range of products also includes wine stabilisers and fining agents for musts and wines specifically designed to improve the quality of the finished product and to ensure its stability over time. Customers can choose from a wide range of products that can meet the most specific needs when it comes to production processes: inorganic complex and carbon-activated fining agents (such as bentonite).

In addition, we offer a wide range of enzymes suitable for a variety of needs: enzymes used as fining agents which optimise the élevage process; enzymes for the aromatic expression of wines which help to release the natural flavours precursors of grapes; maceration enzymes to stabilise colour and increase juice yields; clarifying enzymes which reduce must viscosity and increase its filterability; enzymes for microbiological stabilisation which help prevent Brettanomyces, contamination, and many others to discover in our catalogue.

To ensure the best production performance, we have made specific preparations for ageing and stabilisation, with the aim of ensuring the softness and longevity of the final product. Our range of tannins and arabic gums reflect our committment to offering products that are aligned with market needs. To our offers, we add yeast derivatives for wines and sparkling wines, which are suitable for a variety of cellar-related purposes. In addition, among the hundreds of products of our range, we offer products dedicated to tartrate stabilisation and to cation exchange resins, along with acidifiers and de-acidifiers used to adjust acidity, and antioxidants that slow down wine ageing.