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ZYMASIL® Bayanus

Multipurpose yeast for special fermentations

The yeasts offered by AEB are the result of rigorous selections made in collaboration with prestigious Research Institutes. Zymasil Bayanus is an active dry yeast obtained from a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae r.f. bayanus specifically selected in those areas of wine production where special fermentations are needed and where conditions are difficult. Zymasil Bayanus has a good resistance against the inhibiting action of sulphur dioxide as well as high levels of alcohol and pressure it remains active even at low temperatures and low pH levels. In addition to normal vinification, Zymasil Bayanus is especially recommended for refermentations and above all for the production of sparkling wines, whether made in pressurized vessels or by the classic method in bottle. The use of this strain is also advisable when musts with high sugar content are to be fermented and where the alcoholic content will therefore be high.

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Active dry yeast (ADY).


500 g net packs in cartons containing 10 kg. 10kg sacs.


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