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A craft approach to low & no alcohol beer production

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How does Chitosan work?

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How is a quality membrane made?

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Fermentation, clarification and floatation, stabilisation, refinement, and other specific treatments. Producing and treating wine in step with research and innovation: this is how we have developed our range of over 500 biotechnological solutions, to which are added filtration aids, equipment, and detergents.

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Yeasts, enzymes, clarifying agents, stabilisers, and many other process products feature in our range of solutions for the production of any type of beer. A range that is made unique and comprehensive thanks to machinery, filtration, sanitisers, and lubricants to achieve the utmost in total safety.

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We are the ideal partner for food and beverage companies: detergents, equipment for processing, cleaning, filtering, and the latest generation biotechnologies. A vast range of solutions to guarantee the quality of a broad range of products such as milk, cheeses, meats and meat derivatives, soft drinks, juices, and all Food Processing.

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