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Coadjuvants antibrett

One of the most feared antagonists in winemaking is the yeast belonging to the Brettanomyces genus, renowned for the production of compounds which give wine unpleasant odours, such as horse sweat, medication and plasters. Thanks to our experience in the creation of formulas dedicated to combating harmful microorganisms, we have produced anti-Brettanomyces adjuvants capable of inhibiting development and eliminating volatile phenols.

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The yeasts belonging to the Brettanomyces genus are among the most widespread in alcoholic beverages. In winemaking, these microorganisms are responsible for a variety of sensory defects linked to the volatile compounds which give wine unpleasant odours, such as horse sweat, barnyard, paint, etc. These volatile molecules which have a negative effect on the aromatic profile of the wine, are synthesised from the hydroxycinnamic acids found in the grape.


The range of biotechnological solutions dedicated to winemaking include products specifically aimed at assisting the winemaker in combating the yeasts of the Brettanomyces genus. For a more comprehensive action, we have Antibrett 2.0, an innovative preparation based on yeast hulls, ß-glucanase enzymes and fungal chitosan. Its components are particularly effective in inhibiting the yeasts of the Brettanomyces genus; they also have high adsorbing properties against 4-ethylphenol and 4-ethylguaiacol. We also have an adjuvant based on activated carbons which is particularly suitable for removing unpleasant odours, such as volatile phenols.