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Our research always focuses on the quality and care of the wine. To be able to guarantee the best protection and to ensure the stability of wines, the AEB range offers a complete assortment of stabilising products including antioxidants, gum arabic, protective mixtures and sulphiting blends. By using our products, we guarantee to produce wines that keep their sensory characteristics intact, from storage right up to consumption.

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On the contemporary market, wine consumers are increasingly attentive to the quality of the product and to potential defects that might occur upon consumption. It is therefore essential to avoid the presence and formation of cloudiness or precipitation in the bottle, which are considered unacceptable. Alongside deposits, it is essential to guarantee the longest shelf-life for the wine, controlling any chemical-physical and microbiological phenomena that might alter its organoleptic characteristics over time. To achieve this important goal, stabilisation practices and the correct use of stabilising substances are essential and provide optimum protection from oxidation, microbial alteration and unbalanced colloids.




The AEB line of stabilisers therefore offers carefully tested processing aids, used to ensure the best protection for wines. Our assortment includes products for tartaric, microbial and protein stabilisation of the colour and aroma. The line of Noxitan brand sulphiting agents includes various combinations of potassium bisulphite and other processing aids, suitable for guaranteeing an effective antiseptic, antioxidant and antioxidasic action.

In terms of protective products, the range includes: a Desulfin brand product which helps remove sulphites from musts and wines, eliminating unpleasant hydrogen sulphide (H2S). There are also anti-flor stabilisers to use in tanks or barrels, such as Steryl Fusti and Steryl Vasche, which contain allyl isothiocyanate, a substance with a strong antiseptic effect, which prevents the formation of flor and blocks other bacterial alterations.


The other protective products include Microcid, a balanced formula made from potassium sorbate and antioxidant ingredients, whose components work in synergy to offer the best protection against unwanted re-fermentation and oxidation of partially fermented grape musts. In terms of an oxidising-reductive stabiliser with a complexing effect on iron, we offer Riduxhigh, which also helps with tartaric precipitation.

Furthermore, our antioxidants for grapes and musts include various types of formulas made from potassium metabisulphite, L-ascorbic acid and gallotannin. Thanks to their innovative compositions, these products can react with oxygen very quickly and can therefore provide protection right away for aroma precursors. Finally, our range of stabilisers is completed by formulas made from gum arabic as protective colloids, which have a positive effect on the organoleptic quality of wines, helping increase the sensation of richness and body.