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Specific treatments

Thanks to their years of experience in biotechnologies in the wine-making sector, the specialist technicians at AEB laboratories have created a line of products for special treatments in wine. They have primarily been designed to optimise tartaric stabilisation, acidification and deacidification of wines, and for the regeneration of resins in ion exchange with sulphuric acid solutions.

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While making wine and, in particular, after alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, wines may require special treatments to make improvements or to resolve some of their flaws. In these cases, the wine-maker may use special products to increase or decrease the acidity of the must. In the case of precipitation of tartrate salts, alongside traditional cold stabilisation, there are mixtures created to improve the wine’s tartaric stabilisation. An electrochemical method is currently available to carry out the tartaric stabilisation of wines, which involves an innovative technology that uses the effect of ion exchange resins. The resins will then be regenerated to keep treatments efficient.


For wines made from ripe grapes with problems of low acidity, our range offers liquid acidifiers such as Mix Acid TLM, a formula made from malic, lactic and tartaric acid which gives the wine a well-rounded flavour, preventing any unbalanced acids from occurring due to the prevalence of just one mixture compared with the others. Furthermore, it extends the longevity of wines, enhancing their endogenous antioxidant effect by lowering the pH.  If the organic acid content in the wine is high, the AEB range offers Deacid Special, a complex deacidifier for musts and wines that contains authorised substances for the chemical deacidification of wines, helping correct the acidity.

For tartaric stabilisation, we have various stabilising products, such as: New-Cel, a soluble organic polymer designed to guarantee tartaric stabilisation in wines over time; CrystalFlash, a cream of tartar that accelerates the crystallisation of potassium bitartrate during refrigeration; and Powercell, a solution made from high-purity hydrolysed gum arabic and carboxymethylcellulose which achieves tartaric stabilisation by improving the taste profile of wines.


In terms of using cation exchange resins, the AEB range includes regenerating sanitising acids such as Acid+ and Acid+ Demi, which help regenerate cation resins and restore them so they can exchange H+ ions with the wine. The line is completed with Aromax B4, an antioxidant processing aid for musts that was created for use in grape harvester hoppers and in any situations that leave the must in contact with air for long periods of time. Thanks to its composition with cellulose, perlite, L-ascorbic acid, and potassium metabisulphite, this mixture can limit the loss of aromatic compounds and colour from the must.