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Thanks to the experience and know-how accumulated over the years, we constantly strive to improve the reliability, quality and performance of our filtration systems for oenology. Filtration is a decisive step that directly influences the quality and preservation of wine over time, ensuring greater clarity and an elegant, clean sensory profile. Our range includes housing, depth filtration devices and post-filtration aids.

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Filtration represents one of the last steps that can be carried out before bottling. It is a very important process that influences both the body of the wine and its appearance and preservation over time. Once filtered, wines are visibly clearer, with an elegant and clean sensory profile. AEB's filtration offering includes housings, filter elements, filter aids, filter bags and analysis tools.


The quality of filtration can also be improved by inert filtration aids made from blends of perlites and cellulose, or silites. They can have different degrees of permeability and are used for brightening and coarse filtration. In this product range, we offer flood and vacuum filtration aids based on perlite and cellulose, which are used to prepare the filtration panel.  We offer the high quality of DANMIL filter elements that ensure high standards of performance and microbiological retention, both of which are essential for a quality product. Our filtration cartridges guarantee excellent results and maximum reliability, improving the body of the wine and its microbiological stability. In addition, DANMIL filter elements are manufactured from our own polymers in polyetheresulfone, polypropylene and PTFE.


To complete the range, Depth Filtration Range filter layers are available, designed for the filtration of all types of wine. For colour and off-flavours correction the range includes DANMIL CARBON filter layers consisting of powdered activated carbon embedded within a cellulose fibre matrix. Finally, to support depth filtration, the DANMIL DISC lenticular modules are valuable allies, offering a complete and hermetically sealed solution for all types of filtration.