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Our group can count on a wide range of plants and equipment made by AEB ENGINEERING, a division specialising in the design and production of technologies for treatments and hygiene in the wine industry. In this line we offer state-of-the-art plants, equipment and solutions designed to optimise the dosing of additives, adjuvants and gases, guaranteeing high precision in use and maximum safety.

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During cellar activities, one of the most delicate practices is the addition of products to wine. Indeed, in the dosage of these formulations, depending on their nature, it is essential to use the right quantities in compliance with the regulations governing these substances. 

In order to simplify these operations, the AEB ENGINEERING division together with INNOTEC, a leading manufacturer of automated plants and equipment, has designed dosing systems to allow the dosing of additives and adjuvants, guaranteeing high precision and maximum safety. 

Available in the range we have Dosaprop, a dosing device that ensures that liquid adjuvants are added in line in proportion to the flow and ensures perfect homogenisation. It also features a convenient touch screen for easy operation. 

Our group is constantly working to improve the quality of wines, which is why we offer Dosanoxit T, a system equipped with spray nozzles for the distribution of liquid sulphiting agents and antioxidants in grape harvesting machines, which can preserve the aromas of the grapes during the difficult conditions that occur with mechanised harvesting. 

Our partner INNOTEC has developed Carbox, an automatic system for the addition of CO2 in proportion to the flow, allowing a fine and persistent effervescence to the wine, achieved thanks to a technology that avoids the formation of turbulent flows. Dosing takes place before bottling through a microporous membrane, and allows the desired perlage to be achieved.