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Our filter housings are designed by AEB ENGINEERING, a division specialised in the creation of plants and equipment which, thanks to the know-how it has acquired and to 100% in-house and on-site production, guarantees the highest quality and reliability of the technologies. The housings are used for the filtration of beverages (beer, wine, mineral water, soft drinks) in combination with DANMIL filter elements. The housing is made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel and guarantees maximum safety and hygiene.

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We consider the filtration of wine to be a fundamental step, as it can affect the organoleptic properties and colloidal and microbiological stability. Thanks to our housings for lenticular modules, it is possible to achieve high performance filtration in combination with DANMIL filter elements. The equipment is made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel, which guarantees maximum safety and hygiene, and ensures the removal of yeast cells and bacteria, minimising any potential alteration of the finished product.


In addition to our efficient filtration housings, we also have FILTROK, a filtration system patented by Innotec that collects clogging material of various kinds (organic matter deposits, kieselguhr, tartrate crystals, clarifier residues and particles in general) in common winery processes. It can be used on common cellar pipes and allows clogging material to be intercepted by means of micro-filtering cartridges.