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Wood derivatives

Thanks to our extensive experience acquired in the use of wood chips, followed by a meticulous research programme, we have selected a wide variety of top-of-the-range wood derivatives from the most suitable production areas. Through a combination of different factors such as the origin of the wood and level of toasting, each product can satisfy the different sensory requirements and give the wine a better organoleptic and aromatic profile.

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The use of wood in wine production has a long tradition: it has gone from being simply used as a container to an authentic tool for refining and adding character to the wine. Over time, the increase in winemaking and analytical know-how has allowed us to take an in-depth look at the mechanisms of the action between wood and oxygen and their interaction on polyphenolic substances; all this has clarified how important the different areas of provenance of the oak are, along with the age of the tree, type of seasoning and how these features have a net influence on the wine produced. The wine production technology and consumer requirements around the world have shown how one of the most important aspects is the toasting of the wood which directly affects the components which give it aroma and taste. The use of chips, staves and other wood products has gradually increased since the 1980s and has clearly highlighted the positive impact on the wines treated.




Our company, which has been operating in the winemaking sector for many years, has acquired extensive experience in non-European countries where the use of wood chips was introduced several years ago. From the knowledge acquired, we selected a wide range of top-quality wood derivatives from the best wood production areas for wine.


The Boisélevage product line, includes different types of chips for winemaking. Depending on your production requirements, chips, cubes and staves are available, sourced from oak trees of different origins (Quercus petraea, Quercus robur, and Quercus alba), selected in the best oak production areas (Slavonia, Hungary and Croatia; Ohio and France). The Boisélevage wood derivatives are toasted with a toasting system, i.e. single batch. The method, hailed as one of the best, allows the toasting to penetrate to the heart of the wood chips and thus make the release more uniform. We offer the possibility of choosing from different levels of seasoning and toasting, allowing producers to choose the desired degree of characterisation for their wine.


By using AEB wood derivatives, you will enhance the aromatic bouquet of your wines, boosting the range of perfumes with notes of wood, coconut, vanilla and spices in relation to the degree of toasting chosen. The range includes the AlternativOAK line which features: small chips, large chips, cubes, sticks, staves, mini staves. It offers a comprehensive assortment of the best American wood for refining wine, obtained with a process called “slow roasting” which ensures a uniform level of roasting and consistency of colour. Lastly, thanks to the presence of a wide variety of high-quality oaks, the AlternativOAK line can satisfy any requirement.