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During the long and fascinating winemaking process, ageing plays a very important role, as it allows wine to evolve over time, improve its organoleptic profile and increase its stability. Our range of product dedicated to the ageing of wine allows completing this crucial phase with the best results. AEB’s ageing adjuvants follow a scrupulous quality control process, and are made with raw materials selected with utmost care.

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Undoubtedly, ageing is one of the most fascinating steps of the process that turn grapes into wine. Many parameters can influence the final result; among them, the most important are the temperature and humidity of the ageing room, as well as the quantity of oxygen that comes into contact with wine, the variety and quality of the grapes harvested, and many others. Furthermore, depending on the philosophy of the producer, wine can age for a certain period of time in containers of various types such as, for example, wooden containers, steel tanks, amphorae and concrete wine vessels. Each of these containers has strengths and weaknesses, and give different properties to the wine. Whatever the container used, wine ageing will always have the same final goal, namely, harmonising all its components, thus improving wine in terms of colour, aromas and flavour.



The range of AEB ageing adjuvants allows completing the ageing process under the best conditions. To enhance taste and volume and to improve tartrate stability in wine, we propose Bat-Mann, and adjuvant based on yeast derivatives and mannoproteins. The line offers formulations that set aromas and have strong antioxidant properties, such as ELEVAGE Sweet, an innovative preparation based on yeast and proanthocyanidins, which gives wine a more structured and softer taste. To preserve varietal aromas and to avoid the onset of post-fermentation reductions, we created ELEVAGE Glu, an ageing adjuvant that adjusts the redox potential of wines. In addition, our range includes several specific preparations for bâtonnage. This cellar practice allows obtaining wines with full-bodied taste and intense aroma, and consists in keeping the wine in contact with the fermentation lees for several months, periodically re-suspending it by gentle agitation. With our products, we help to refine structure, body and softness, and to enhance the aromatic intensity of red, white and rosé wines.