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Thanks to the experience gained in the development of plant solutions a range of equipment and systems designed for the management and optimisation of washing processes has been created. C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) systems are available for managing the cleaning of closed circuits and diffusion washing equipment capable of performing rapid washing of any type of container.

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In order to obtain a good wine, the quality of the grapes and the process technologies employed are of great importance. However, the parameter that can most influence the final result is cellar hygiene and, if handled poorly, can lead to olfactory defects in the wine that impair the aromas and flavour. 

Our group is committed to improving the hygienic conditions of our equipment and premises we have created a line of equipment and installations designed to manage and optimise washing processes. 

In order to achieve rapid washing of any type of container, without the operator having to enter it, we provide the Pulipomp-ldropress equipment. This results in cleaner containers, significant labour savings and limits the risk of accidents. 

For automatic management of the washing of tanks, pipes and other structures, the Cip Mixer is the ideal solution, as it allows solutions to be prepared in varying percentages and washing cycles to be set up fully automatically.