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ENDOZYM® Brewmix Plus

ENDOZYM® Brewmix Plus is a complex blend of thermostable α-amylase, β-glucanase, xylanase, and neutral protease

Endozym Brewmix Plus has been formulated by AEB as a blend of neutral protease, thermostable alpha amylase and a range of B-glucanases. The different GMO free activities are produced by separate fermentations of selected Bacillus subtilis and Aspergillus niger strains.
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Blend of neutral protese, thermo-stabilized alpha-amylase and beta-glucanase.


0,25 kg net bottles in cartons containing 1 kg. 1 kg net bottles in cartons containing 4 kg. 25 kg net drums.
ENDOZYM Brewmix Plus
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