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Since our inception, we have been increasingly committed to producing products that guarantee the highest levels of quality and safety in all areas of the food chain. Due to the nature of the raw materials processed, it is now clear that internal and external surfaces in the meat industry may be a major source of contamination for food leaving the factory.

Furthermore, with the advent of Food Processing, which consists of the production of processed foods such as pre-cooked, ready-to-eat meals and semi-finished products for the catering and other food industries, the potential for contamination has seen an increase, both due to the amount of handling that takes place and the use of raw materials of different origins.

It is, therefore, of paramount importance that all forms of contamination be prevented by adopting a correct set of sanitisation standards and using professional disinfectants that are easy to use by producers in the food chain.


Given the high risk of contamination, the essential standards of hygiene in food industries are becoming ever more important, from the hygienic construction of factories to the choice of materials that constitute surfaces in contact with food. Hence the mantra that guides each company in the food sector and beyond should be: “Keep cold, keep dry, keep clean”.

Our company has always favoured the last part of the mantra - “keep clean” - for the meat industry regarding its products, its equipment and its washing procedures, and we keeps an eye on any evolution in the market by providing solutions to meet the needs of our customers, which may encompass the following:

  • Quality improvement: this occurs when the customer decides to tackle new markets that require stricter hygiene standards.
  • Adaptation to new production conditions: in addition to the advent of the above-mentioned Food Processing, any changes in production procedures may lead to changes in the detergents that need to be used. (e.g. a drop in temperature of 10°C leads to the use of sanitising products that better suited to the new temperatures).
  • Environmental requirements: wastewater legislation varies over time and space as some countries are obliged to comply with local regulations that are more stringent with respect to those that are national.
  • Safety: Standards on the labelling and handling of chemicals and, therefore, detergents are also in continuous evolution.


Our technical sales personnel, who are always in contact with customers, has enabled our R&D department to provide the market with innovative chemical solutions to meet new needs, as it is the personnel working in technical sales who test innovation in the field and create correct usage procedures.

Thus, traditional products in the food detergent market, and in particular in the meat industry, such as the foaming detergents Sanifoam, Celofoam, Remofoam, the non-foaming chlorinated products such as Idrosan and the floor cleaner Limex, have been joined over the years by sanitising products designed for emerging needs.

These solutions are designed for customers in the Food Processing sector who alternate between raw materials of different origins in their production departments with small production batches and, therefore, require effective washing in short timeframes and rapid rinsing. In addition to this effective range of foams, Sanifoam P is a chlorinated foaming detergent that optimises washing even at low operating temperatures and is suitable for particularly troublesome contaminations, such as poultry processing residues. A worthy mention is the range of oxidisers that are used to eradicate biofilms in the early stages in their formation, thus preventing food contamination by surfaces.

Each of our solutions has been designed to maintain and enhance our position as the preferred partner for sanitisation in animal food businesses, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards in accordance with strict international ISO standards.


We provide four products in the family of chlorinated foaming detergents to meet different needs along the production chain: Sanifoam, Sanifoam EF, Sanifoam P, and Foam Chlor.

Sanifoam: alkaline foaming detergent with high chlorine content, designed for the daily cleaning of surfaces in the food and livestock industries and which provides excellent microbe-reduction properties.


Sanifoam EF: alkaline foaming detergent with high chlorine content to be used for daily alkaline disinfection of surfaces in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and livestock industries. The active chlorine released by sodium hypochlorite has a biocidal action, ensuring the complete removal of the main micro-organisms that cause contamination and foul odours.


Sanifoam P: alkaline foaming detergent with high chlorine and caustic potash content and elevated rinsability features. This is recommended for daily cleaning of surfaces in the food and livestock industries. Our product has specifications that are between a traditional foaming agent and a gel – a peculiarity that enables it to be a particularly aggressive cleaner and allows it to hold onto surfaces, even those that are vertical.


Foam Chlor: chloro-active alkaline foaming agent to be used for daily alkaline disinfection of surfaces in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and livestock industries. The active chlorine released by sodium hypochlorite has a biocidal action, ensuring complete removal of the main micro-organisms hat cause contamination and foul odours. Foam Chlor in functional terms, it features excellent adhesion properties on vertical surfaces, which increases the durability and effectiveness of the product.


By focusing on the different needs of its customers, AEB has created Foam Chlor SMS, suitable for use on delicate surfaces. This is a chlorinated alkaline foaming detergent suitable for light alloys and daily washing of surfaces in the food and livestock industries.


Foam Chlor SMS is particularly effective in removing multiple types of organic contamination such as animal or vegetable fats, greasy and protein-rich dirt, fish and vegetable processing residues, even in contaminated spaces.

Foaming detergents washing walls, floors, equipment and lines, tables and conveyor belts in food industry


Foaming detergents washing walls, floors, equipment and lines, tables and conveyor belts in food industry

AEB branded detergents are suitable for all requirements, from washing walls, floors, equipment exteriors and lines, to tables and conveyor belts in the food industry.


Remofoam: high-alkaline-content foaming detergent for daily cleaning of critically contaminated surfaces in the food industry and, more specifically, in the livestock sector.  This product is particularly suitable for cleaning smoke ovens, industrial fryers and related lines.


Verofoam SF: effective alkaline foaming agent for all other applications and daily surface washing in the food and livestock industries. It has excellent sequestering properties and is used for cleaning walls, floors, equipment and line exteriors, processing surfaces and conveyor belts.


For the most troublesome mineral deposits and incrustations, AEB laboratories have developed acidic descaling detergents that provide optimal levels of effectiveness in cleaning surfaces.


Celofoam: acidic descaling foaming detergent, which effectively removes various types of inorganic contamination (e.g. limescale). Celofoam, suitable for acidic cleaning of walls, floors, equipment exteriors and lines, tables and conveyor belts, and storage tanks.


Celofoam SF: acidic foaming detergent with elevated descaling properties, recommended for the periodic cleaning of surfaces in the food and livestock industries. Its formulation provides optimal levels of effectiveness against organic contamination. Can be used in a wide range of processing stages.


Idrosan and Limex have been regarded as irreplaceable product benchmarks in our line of detergents for many years.

Alkaline detergents liquid formulations meat and food processing

Idrosan: liquid alkaline chloro-active formulation suitable for automatic or manual cleaning and sanitising of systems or equipment in the meat sector, and food industries in general. It is most commonly used in the cleaning and sanitising of closed systems, tanks and washing tunnels.


Limex: concentrated, low-foaming, alkaline liquid degreasing detergent, suitable for industrial cleaning treatment in the food, mechanical, marine and industrial sectors. Its versatility allows it to be used for cleaning floors, aisles, cells and goods handling areas, and for washing bottle conveyor lines.

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