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Alcohol-based sanitizer for hard surfaces

Sanimatic is a ready-to-use, alcohol-based (ethyl and isopropyl alcohol) liquid sanitizer, to be applied as a final treatment on hard surfaces at the end of washing operations in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries and in the zoo-technical field. Sanimatic is active against the majority of organic contaminations. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of hard surfaces where the utilization of water or watery solutions is not recommended, or for the treatment of operators’ gloves. Sanimatic can be used during production stops to maintain the hygienic quality of surfaces and for the washing and sanitation of conveyor belts, slicing machines and equipments.


Sanitation by aspersion of surfaces, equipments and plants. Treatment of instruments and tools, conveyor belts, slicing machines, knives and containers. Sanitation of operators’ gloves.


10 kg net drums. 0,75 kg net bottles in cartons containing 20 bottles.
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