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Le Fonti AWARDS®, held on 25 November, is an annual awards ceremony that recognises those organisations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation in business, sustainability, technological achievements, leadership and employee engagement. Le Fonti is the only organisation in Italy with a certified, business-focused community of over 10.5 million people.

At the ceremony, which took place in the splendid setting of the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, the CEO of our Group, Mario Tomasoni (in the picture below), won the award for CEO of the Year in the Innovation and Sustainability categories. An important recognition that crowns the commitment with which we have pursued and are continuing to pursue our projects.

“This award is very valuable to us” said Tomasoni, “because it is a sign that everything we are doing is leaving a positive mark, in our company and beyond. The innovative spirit with which we face the market’s continuous evolution has led us to define specific proposals that fit the philosophy of less is more: we are talking about non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages, organic products and innovative equipment to meet increasingly more sustainable lifestyles and production cycles. And, indeed, it is sustainability”, continued AEB’s CEO, “that forms one of the pillars of our ethical and social efforts; this can be seen in the investments made in renewable energies, water savings and in the circular economy. In addition, we continue to focus on the role that a company like ours can play in the surrounding area, encouraging sustainability mobility and looking after our employees’ interests as well as those of the community in which we live”.


Innovation has always been part of AEB’s DNA and it is a significant, tangible value that we offer customers with drive and credibility, gradually increasing thanks to, on the one hand, continuous investments in the research and development of new technological systems and solutions and, on the other hand, numerous digitalisation initiatives aimed at enhancing our brand’s connection with customers across the world, at automating and integrating new production processes (ERP), and at providing modern, unique sales and relationship services (CRM and eCOMMERCE), designed to allow our Community of experts to meet every need in an ever-changing market.


Innovation is also expressed in our commitment to adopt hi-tech plant solutions to automate industrial processes, in gaining Quality and Food Safety certifications, and in developing certified products for specific niche markets (ORGANIC, Halal, Kosher, Vegan).


AEB is also synonymous with openness and inclusion and real attention to sustainability, values which, before being expressed externally, are built from the inside, from promoting and focusing on small acts in the everyday corporate life of employees and collaborators.


Our sustainability initiatives include the use of renewable sources of energy and the use of recycled and recyclable materials, with the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions and improved environmental performance. Other examples are the recovery and treatment of water from production and washing processes; separated waste collection, dedicated footpaths and, in general, the improvement of corporate mobility. Our sustainability efforts are not purely environmental: they also include our employees (facilitating, for example, smart working and promoting diversity) and our range, at the centre of a vigorous process of improving the life cycle of products, from design to disposal, in order to reduce environmental impact and risks to safety.


Innovation and sustainability are two key aspects of our corporate mission and vision. It is an honour to receive this recognition from Le Fonti and it will, without question, spur us on to do even more, even better!


Stay tuned!