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Hygienizing formulation with a broad spectrum of activity

Glutasan is a liquid neutral hygienizing formulation, with a broad spectrum activity, to be used as final hygienizing on surfaces at the end of cleaning operations in food, pharmaceuticaland cosmetic indutries as well in zootechnical field. Glutasan is a classical synergic blend of Glutaraldheyde and Quaternary Ammonium Salts resulting a product with large activity spectrum.


Hygienization by spraying applications on locals and equipment. Also suitable for soacking applications. Air treatment in nebulization by suitable equipment (Air Control System). Hygienization for sewages and waste bins. Hygienization for delivery rooms, stables, fattening area without the presence of animals in zootechnical field.


10 kg net drums. 25 kg net drums. 200 kg net drums. 1000 kg net IBC.
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