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Balancing the aroma and taste of a de-alcoholised wine is both a science and an art. De-alcoholised wines display significant changes in their sensory profile and quality in terms of aroma, taste, and mouthfeel. That is why in collaboration with many of the world’s leading wine producers we have created NXT Aratan Balance Red and White – a natural blend of proanthocyanindin tannins, gum arabic and yeast derivatives carefully formulated to balance the aroma and taste of de-alcoholised red and white wines and enhance their overall quality.

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There are three techniques used to de-alcoholise a finished wine:



This is a two-stage process which involves transferring the wine through a distillation column at a temperature of 30oC to gently extract the highly volatile compounds; this process is repeated to remove the alcohol. However, some aroma active compounds evaporate with the alcohol.



This is a form of nanofiltration using a membrane filtration process which filters out the aroma and phenolic compounds before alcohol is removed by distillation. The remaining water is added back into the filtered wine. This method uses large amounts of water and the ethanol removed is too diluted to reuse or repurpose.



In this method evaporation is created by the rotation of cones with a vacuum process. The technique is based on distillation and low temperature to reduce the alcohol level. Only a fraction of the wine is fully de-alcoholised with the aromas de-aromatised so that the overall aroma loss is minimised.