AEB Creative Collabs is a journey of discovery, working together to make amazing beer. The concept gives a space to foster new ideas, inspire collective thought, and benefit from a mutual passion for creativity in brewing.

In this series we will be partnering with people from across the world of brewing, working alongside extraordinarily creative brewers, combining our knowledge and insight to, together, create beers with distinctive taste profiles.

Our passion began 60 years ago in the art and science of winemaking – from yeast and fermentation to flavour development. Very soon we were collaborating with brewers. We’ve learnt a thing or two about creating and enhancing distinct aromas and flavours that we’d love to share with you. We have the brewer’s passion for making truly great tasting beers. Our crafted portfolio of yeast and yeast nutrients is designed not only for their fermentation qualities but to enhance aromas and flavours.

AEB Creative Collabs are all about doing things a little bit different to create amazing beers.

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AEB Brewing kick off their Creative Collabs series with Charlotte Cook

Who is Charlotte?

Charlotte Cook is a brewer with a decade of experience in craft brewing. After graduating with a law degree, she discovered her passion for brewing at the famous BrewDog. In 2015, she moved to Estonia to become production manager at Põhjala Brewery before returning to the UK to join Truman’s brewery in London. By 2018, she was with Hammerton Brewery, followed by a move to Manchester to join Cloudwater Brew Co. Today Charlotte is head brewer at Coalition Brewing in South London, championing beer quality and flavour. Alongside her brewing endeavours Charlotte is busy completing a masters thesis on the economic viability of modern hopping, a topic that talks to the beer industry's ambitious commitments to sustainability.


Through collaborative efforts, Charlotte and AEB have been developing tropical floral IPAs with notes of citrus and pine, juicy NEIPAs with intense peach and passionfruit aromas, and lagers that are refreshingly clean and crisp. AEB’s team of brewers, microbiologists and fermentation experts are always on hand to help reach the desired flavour destinations.