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Meet Pietro and Vito

from Northern Monk Brew Co UK

As part of our Creative Collab series, we’ve partnered with two extraordinarily creative brewers, combining knowledge and insight, to create great tasting beers. Meet Pietro Maltinti and Vito Carrescia from Northern Monk Brew Co, an inspirational craft brewery based in the UK. Pietro and Vito have been brewing with AEB’s FERMOPLUS range of yeast nutrients to enhance the aroma and flavour of their low and no alcohol beers.


Discover what they’ve been up to in the video and listen to their podcast.


With shared values

of community and collaboration, and a passion for creating great tasting beers, we felt a natural affinity to connect with Northern Monk for our Creative Collab series. It’s a space to foster new ideas, inspire collective thought, and benefit from a mutual passion for creativity in brewing. The AEB Creative Collab with Northern Monk Brew Co continues it’s a journey of discovery, working together to make amazing beer. Watch out for the next chapter.

About NORTHERN MONK Northern Monk

Inspired by their Northern surroundings, in and around Holbeck, Leeds, with its history of monastic brewing that is practiced across the region for thousands of years, Northern Monk is committed to creating the highest quality beers. Their progressive approach to ingredients and brewing techniques is combined with the rich history and heritage of British brewing.

Today, in the North we carry a torch for all that beer was, and all that beer can be. We’re on a quest to create the best beer we can, giving back where we can."


Northern Monk Brew Co


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With their unique formulation and natural amino acids, FERMOPLUS Fragrance and FERMOPLUS Fruity release intense floral and fruity aromas in the beer. FERMOPLUS Yeast Nutrients are perfect for boosting the aroma profile of low and non-alcohol beers, hop-forward ales, and hoppy lagers.