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Highly effective descaling agent based on nitric acid

Acid JD is a formulation based on nitric acid enabling to obtain a solution with a high descaling power, able to remove organic residues from surfaces. It also acts as a passivating agent of stainless steel surfaces. Acid JD can be used for a wide range of applications in food industries, beverage bottling industries and in the dairy field, as it is also able to remove milk and beer stone. Acid JD is low foaming, so it can be used for CIP applications, and it has been studied to keep controlled fumes. Acid JD can be used by means of dosage and control automatic systems ensuring a correct dosage of the formulation.


Descaling of closed circuits, recovery and one-way CIP plants, tanks and pipes, pasteurizers. Removal treatment of inorganic residues from moulds and equipments.


25 kg net drums. 1100 kg net IBC.
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