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Powder alkaline detergent with very high causticity

Removil is a powder alkaline formulation with very high causticity and high wetting and sequestering ability, suitable for the cleaning of strong dirt in all sectors of the alimentary industry and beverage bottling. Removil is able to easily remove strong tartrate residues in the oenological industry and can be used for the washing of bottles and kegs in the sector of beverages in general. The presence of controllers of the water hardness enables to work also with average hard waters, preventing the deposit of limestone. Removil can also be used in sectors where the presence of strong contaminations requires a particular washing ability, such as the cleaning of industrial fryers and kettles and the dairy industry.


For the alkaline washing of closed circuits, tanks and pipes, CIP plants, heat exchangers (pasteurizers, skimmers, evaporators). For the alkaline washing of vats and wine tanks. For the washing of bottles and kegs.


1 kg net packs in cartons containing 20 kg. 25 kg net bags.
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