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Hygienizer based on peracetic acid

Peracid is a liquid oxidizing hygienizer based on peracetic acid, with a high activity spectrum, suitable to be used in alimentary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and in the zoo-technical field. Peracid is based on a solution of stabilized peracetic acid, that creates a formulation with a high activity spectrum, as it is effective towards bacteria, moulds, yeasts and spores. Peracid is non-foaming, easy to be rinsed, sensitive to the organic substance and non-sensitive to the water hardness. Thanks to all these characteristics, it is suggested for the utilization in recycling plants (CIP), where it can be applied to injection automatic dosing plants. Its oxidizing action also enables to obtain deodorizing and decolorizing characteristics.


Hygienization by recycling of closed circuits (pipes, tanks, fillers). Treatment of tools, dismountable parts and utensils by immersion. Hygienization of moulds and bottles (glass and PET) at the end of the washing. Treatment of milking plants in the zoo-technical field.


10 kg net drums. 20 kg net drums. 220 kg net drums. 1000 kg net IBC.
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