Riunione Tecnica

On May 6, an important event took place with some wineries in Penglai, in the Shandong province, a region located in north-eastern China.

With the collaboration of Vinopro, the new products for the 2019 vintage were presented. Fermentation tannins, such as Protan AC and Fermotan CB and refinement tannins of the Ellagitan Barrique range, such as EB Fruit Reserve and EB Goud-Ron, were given wide emphasis.

Among the topics covered: yeast derivatives, nutrients such as Fermoplus Energy Glu 3.0, specific products for the absorption of methoxypyrazines such as Fermoplus PyrOff, and refinement products such as Bâtonnage Body and Super-Mann.

Hereafter some photos of the meeting.

Riunione Tecnica

Riunione Tecnica
Riunione TecnicaRiunione Tecnica


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