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Filter technology

DANMIL specialises in the research, development and manufacture of filtration products for the beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and biomedical industries. By combing the technical know-how to solve a customer’s needs, DANMIL can provide tailor made solutions to meet all current market demands.

Danmil philosophy

Thanks to the expertise and know-how acquired over the years, we are constantly committed to improving the reliability, quality and performance of our filtration systems. By exploring the different combinations of filter polymers, filtration surfaces and flow rates, we aim to deliver cost effective products whilst also maintaining the highest standard of product quality and safety rating.



The range includes different solutions which cater for any filtration requirement:

Flexibility and customisation

We offer maximum flexibility through the production of custom-made filter elements designed and manufactured to fit a customer’s needs and requirements. Our manufacturing facility and processes are cGMP validated (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and the facility was commissioned by NNE Pharmaplan, the largest pharmaceutical engineering company in the world.

Analysis and certification

At DANMIL, each filtration process is analysed thoroughly to guarantee the right performance, durability and preservation of filter element. All this is carried out while working in close contact with the end customer to achieve the predefined goals.

Our products are made of the highest-quality materials compliant with:


  • 01
    21 CFR-177 FDA Regulation on contact with food and medicines
  • 02
    The most recent USP class VI-121C systemic injection test - intraperitoneal administration
  • 03
    Cytotoxicity growth inhibition test
  • 04
    Physicochemical test (USP 27) chapter <661>
  • 05
    FDA LAL - Guideline (3) and USP
  • 06
    Reverse mutation test using the bacteria


Our results are measured and checked according to the current FDA, USPX and ASTM regulations and validated by an independent. cGMP-certified laboratory.