Lean manufacturing in AEB

We have just concluded the first two processes of Lean Production, carried out in the factory in Brescia.
The Lean Production is a set of principles, techniques and methods for the management of operational processes, aiming to increase the value perceived by the final customer and to systematically reduce waste, thanks to the involvement of people motivated to the continual improvement.
Sakichi Toyoda introduced the first concepts in 1902. From 1949 to 1975 the Toyota Production System has been developed; in the following decades this will be copied in all major production companies in the world with the name of Lean Manufacturing.

Also AEB, since last year, has decided to adopt the philosophy of Lean Production, convinced that its adoption at all company levels will bring significant increases in competitiveness in all markets where we operate.

From March to June, two teams of colleagues (Massimo Lombardi, Marco Caprio, Fabiana Guarinoni, Saad El Sayed, Davide Rocco, Alessandro Cipriani, Paolo Disetti, Matteo Este, Tiziano Gervasi, Romano Mainetti), coordinated by the Lean Sensei Luca Galloni, worked together to introduce the concepts of Lean Production inside 3 manufacturing boxes dedicated to the production of gum arabic.

The two teams worked together to apply the basic principle of the Lean Production: the 5S.
5S (Seiri = Select and Eliminate; Seiton = Establish positions; Seiso = Discover problems with cleaning; Seiketsu = Establish New Standards; Shitsuke = Maintain and improve Standards) is a methodology for organizing the workplace through cleaning, simplification, order and standardization.

During the three months of work, the two teams worked with increasing motivation and identified in the selected boxes 162 critical issues, which resulted in the same number of improvement actions. 112 actions have been completed during the three months of the project at a very limited cost. The other 50 actions are still in progress and will be completed shortly.

All actions were aimed at improving:
- Cleaning (according to HACCP standards);
- Safety
(eliminating forklifts and stairs);
- Efficiency
(reducing production times).

On June 30, the two teams presented the results of their work to the company management, who congratulated for the excellent work done. Soon new processes will be opened in other boxes of the factory in Brescia and in the offices, so that the Lean Production philosophy is soon spread throughout the company.

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