AEB USA: when the factory becomes a meeting point

Uno degli incontri organizzati nella fabbrica di Lodi (CA).

Since the very first days of operation, AEB USA has worked with its clients always focusing on providing the best possible service. Being new in this territory, where some of our competitor were already established, we wanted to make sure that our clients would appreciate the visits of the agents and in general doing business together. Opening up a metal shop was a consequence of the first issues that we were having bringing machinery in North America, especially trying to weld in new fittings with the local specifications.

Sean Shuck, capo dell’officina di AEB USA.

We hired a contractor, Sean, and we worked him so hard that he was quickly offered a full time position. Two years later we opened the metal shop in Lodi. The metal shop now employees 4 people and is a place where clients can come to fix a pump, get a punch-down tool, a club for stirring lees in barrel and a lot more.

Also, clients like our shop people and they simply come to have a beer at the end of the day. We even do parties where winemakers can bring their kids and find a jump-house, tacos and ice-cream. This has made our AEB USA a place to come with a problem, fix it, have a chat and leave with a smile and a pack of yeast.

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