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Clarification system of musts in tank

The clarification of musts with the help of E-Flot takes advantage of the principle of gas incorporation to the solid parts which build up the liquid turbidity. The gas binds with the suspended particles floating towards the tank surface and leaves the lower part clear. This process takes place if the must is perfectly depectinized: for this purpose, we suggest the utilization of a specific enzyme such as Endozym E-Flot, that combines action quickness with a complete degradation of all colloidal components. In order to obtain an excellent flotation, that is a better must clearness and a more marked separation of the cloudy matter, it is indispensable to dose a specific gelatin enabling to build flakes with a good consistence, englobing all the particles to be eliminated. Other clarifiers can be also utilized such as bentonite or silica sol, in the case a must deproteinization must be obtained. E-Flot can be used to remove the suspended carbon before fermentation takes place.


• E-Flot 80 • E-Flot 50 • E-Flot 50 CNT • E-Flot 25 • E-Flot 10 • E-Flot 5

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