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The range of bioregulators and nutrients developed by the AEB laboratories are designed to ensure smooth fermentation until sugars have been depleted, providing yeasts with an optimal content of ammonia nitrogen and the right amount of vitamins and microelements. The use of these preparations ensures a correct and vigorous yeast fermentation, enhances the aromatic precursors of grapes, and, by extension, the final bouquet of the wine.

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In order to multiply and, subsequently, undergo fermentation, yeasts used in winemaking must contain complex factors such as amino acids, vitamins, sterols, and fatty acids. The grape must can contain the right levels of these growth factors; otherwise, for a variety of reasons, it can become a substrate that is not totally suitable for the development of yeast colonies. Lack of these nutritional elements can cause serious problems for producers, leading to the slowdown and arrest of alcoholic fermentation, as well as reduction problems related to the formation of sulfur compounds, and a deterioration in the organoleptic quality of the wine. Therefore, for cellar technicians it is essential to have the yeast under the right conditions in order to have a successful winemaking process. Nitrogen sources or APA (Readily Assimilable Nitrogen), consisting mainly of ammonium ion and amino acids, are among the most important nutritional elements, as they are the ones most assimilated by yeasts. The minimum safety value in musts corresponds to a content of more than 180 mg/l of APA, which is necessary to prevent fermentation from stopping.




The AEB nutrients for yeasts come in a wide range of products that give winemakers the opportunity to rely on yeasts that reach optimal fermentation. Depending on the requirements of the must, our nutrients for yeasts with a high content of natural amino acids are ideal for producing wines with high aromatic expression. These specific preparations are based on yeast hulls, and are ideal for the characterisation of wine aromas. Our nutrients are suitable for all types of wine, from red and rosé, to still white wines and spumante produced either by Charmat or traditional methods. We guarantee balanced preparation blends prepared with yeast hulls, which ensure high bioavailability both of nitrogen and lipid compounds.

In addition, in cases of excessive clarification, we offer mixtures of nutrients that include cellulose-based preparations with support function, which promote the dispersion of yeasts in the mass, and, therefore, facilitate the entire fermentation process. To complete the range, we offer specific nutrients for malolactic fermentation, which ensure the growth of selected lactic bacteria and the complete transformation of malic acid.