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Our vision

We are constantly seeking the best for our clients.

Knowledge, technology, collaboration and innovation have always been at the root of our commitment. We are THE reference for anyone working in the world of oenology and the food industry. Thanks to our know-how, we can offer exclusive, tailored solutions to meet any requirement.
To rely on AEB is to choose a complete and personalized service. Thanks to our experience and in-depth Research and Development, we can provide you with a “360 degree” support.
Our offer is unique in its kind. It includes high quality products, innovative equipment and exclusive assistance and analysis.

We are dedicated to giving our best: communicating with our partners to constantly improve our products and create new ones to better meet the market needs.
Alongside our specialisation in the field of oenology, we also aim to become the leading supplier in the beer, fruit juice and cider sector as well as in all other fields of the food industry.
People are at the heart of our commitment: customers, researchers and suppliers with whom we share close ties for a mutual long-lasting growth.