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AEB ENGINEERING, a division of the AEB Group, specialises in the creation of state-of-the-art systems and equipment for oenology and works constantly to improve the quality of wines. Thanks to the experience gained in winemaking, we have designed equipment for dosing oxygen in wine and musts that allows optimising the micro- and macro-oxygenation of wine, leading to wines that are more open, fresh and free from those reduction notes that do not favour the real aromatic perception.

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Wine, from an oxidoreductive point of view, is an unstable beverage that tends to shrink, masking the pleasantness of varietal aromas and sometimes generating unpleasant odours. To counteract this phenomenon, it is necessary to micro-oxygenate wines, i.e. provide a precise and constant quantity of oxygen, equal to that required by the wine's proanthocyanidins. This technique stabilises the colour and softens the hardness of the tannins by softening them. With regard to the macro-oxygenation of wines, this is useful in the initial stages of vinification as it allows the optimal preparation of the pied de cuvé and favours the fermentation process. 

In the light of this careful evaluation, we at AEB have developed Microsafe O2, advanced equipment for dosing oxygen in wine that makes it possible to automate micro-oxygenation, fractionate oxygen in several modes, control the temperature of the wine and avoid difficult calculations that can lead to human error. 

In the range of equipment produced by AEB ENGINEERING, we have included Microsafe X6 an oxygenation system equipped with six dispensing points, which allows optimal preparation of the pied de cuvé and promotes the fermentation process.