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Improvement through natural processes. For years we have been doing this with passion for wine, beer, beverage and food producers all over the world. We use the knowledge we have acquired globally to offer biotechnology, tailor-made solutions, sanitation processes and specific equipment, the result of continuous innovation. We do all this with the most knowledgeable team of experts in the market.


Ours is a unique range, thanks to a high level of quality and completeness. Highly innovative non-GMO biotechnological solutions for a total of over 600 applications able to meet any need: yeasts, nutrients, clarifying enzymes, bacteria, antioxidants and stabilizers. Without forgetting tannins and wood derivatives for aging. Our offerings also includes specific products for organic wine, beverages and food.



The design and the creation of equipment is aimed at satisfying any need during the entire production process: from the automation of the addition of antioxidants and clarifiers for musts to fermentation and tartaric stabilization, from filtration to refinement, from sanitation to microfiltration up to conveyor belt lubrication. The range is completed by the dosing and yeast rehydration equipment.



Filtration manufacturers: this is what makes us a unique partner. Thanks to DANMIL we are able to offer pre-filters, membrane filters, bag filters, layer filters and housings for the pre bottling and bottling phase. In addition to these, there are automatic and manual filtration skids from INNOTEC, perlite and kieselguhr-based aids and pre-filters. Preliminary analyses and post-bottling microbiological controls by our research and development laboratory ensure a 360 degree service.




We offer a wide range of formulations for the hygiene and disinfection of industrial environments: foaming and hygienizing acids, alkalin and chloroactive detergents.There are also products for cross-flow filtration and lubricants. The best solution is within the customer's reach, thanks to the training and very high levels of support provided by our team of experts.

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