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Obtained by leveraging the most advanced biotechnologies, our freeze-dried malolactic bacteria cultures ensure adequate malolactic fermentation in wines, even under extreme conditions. Thanks to these bacterial inocula, malolactic fermentation, or MLF processes are shorter than the spontaneous types, have a lower volatile acidity, lower biogenic amine levels and a lower risk of olfactory deviations. Furthermore, at the end of malolactic conversion, wines will have a more complex bouquet, gaining elegance and taste.

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We have always been committed to creating solutions capable of meeting the multiple needs that arise along the entire chain of the wine sector. For this reason, we continuously invest in scientific research and in the development of the most advanced biotechnologies, with the aim of guaranteeing a range of oenological preparations of the highest quality, in compliance with discrete winemaking conditions and the relevant statutory requirements.

One of the issues that concerns winemakers and wine-sector operators is the management of and control tools for malolactic fermentation, or MLF. This is a fundamental aspect in the winemaking process, given that lactic acid bacteria responsible for the conversion of malic acid into lactic acid, not only allow the biological de-acidification of the substrate, but also influence the quality and organoleptic complexity of wines through their metabolic activity.

Thus, MLF is of vital importance for wine quality, conditioning its analytical and gustatory properties. Its correct management is paramount, and, for this reason, a variety of solutions have been considered over the years. The use of lactic bacteria inocula inhibits the growth of other unwanted bacteria at the end of alcoholic fermentation.

Thanks to our selected lactic bacteria from the Malolact line, MLF processes are shorter than other spontaneous types, have a lower volatile acidity, lower biogenic amine levels and a lower risk of olfactory deviations. Our range provides winemakers with valuable allies, as our freeze-dried malolactic bacteria ensure a correct MLF, even under extreme conditions (low temperatures, low pH, high alcohol content and low levels of malic acid). Thanks to our Oenococcus oeni cultures, your wines will have a more complex bouquet with enhanced elegance and aroma.