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For more than 50 years, we have developed in-depth expertise in the development of biotechnology and equipment for oenology. The know-how we have attained has enabled us to develop an instrument for measuring turbidity. Our immersion turbidimeter allows extremely precise measurements and enables fine and coarse lees to be distinguished. This translates into a great advantage as it makes it possible to modulate and decide the correct reduction of clarification lees in the must/wine to be treated.

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In order to achieve optimal must clarification, it is essential to know the initial turbidity, an important parameter for modulating clarification treatments by flotation or cold settling. 

It is therefore necessary to make measurements with extreme precision, and to meet this need we have developed Lees Off, an easy-to-use tank nephelometer that enables the turbidity of must/wine to be evaluated. The advantage of this technology lies in the labour savings in all mashing processes and the extreme precision and quality of the cleaning level. Furthermore, by using Lees Off, it is possible to distinguish fine from coarse lees.