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We offer a complete range of highly innovative biotechnological solutions, equipment, filtration and detergents. This is possible thanks to the constant commitment of our team of expert technicians, oenologists and agronomists. But the secret also lies in the essence and heritage of our Group, a unique reality that can count on high value brands: AEB of course, and then AEB ENGINEERING, DANMIL and INNOTEC.

Looking for the best for you

AEB ENGINEERING: a guarantee of quality for your equipment

Treatment, sanitation and lubrication. These are just some of the crucial operations that involve all wine, beer, beverage and food producers on a daily basis. 

Based in Italy, AEB ENGINEERING is the division of the AEB Group specialized in the design and construction of plants aimed at satisfying any need during the entire production process: from grape harvesting to must clarification, from fermentation to tartaric stabilization, from filtration to aging, from sanitation to conveyor belt lubrication. The range is completed with dosing, flotation and yeast rehydration equipment.

INNOTEC, for the microfiltration and ad hoc treatment of any drink


100% Italian, INNOTEC is also the signature that distinguishes our microfiltration systems, both manual and automated, for the wine, beer and beverage sector in general. 

INNOTEC produces exclusive and tailor-made equipment, designed according to the customer's needs. In addition to microfiltration, its range includes automated CIP washing, in-line dosing systems, oxygen stripping and carbon dioxide dosing.  Not only: PDS systems for liquid handling, acclimatization systems, pasteurizers and powder solubilization units.

Filtration: a unique DANMIL brand range

Wine, beer, water, juices, soft drinks and more. A common denominator ensures its microbiological stability, quality and preservation over time: filtration. The DANMIL brand is our range of filtration products for the beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and biomedical industries.

DANMIL offers different solutions to meet any need: roughing, brightening and sterilizing filtration. The range includes filter elements (such as prefiltration elements, final membranes and capsule filters), filter sheets, lenticular modules. Without forgetting customized and tailor-made products.

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