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NXT Balance White

A natural and unique blend of proanthocyanindin tannins, gum arabic, and yeast derivatives to enhance the aroma, quality, and stability of de-alcoholised white wine

NXT Balance White is a natural blend of Acacia and Quebracho Tannins, Gum Arabic, and yeast derivatives.

De-alcoholised wines inherently suffer from taste unbalances. The removal of alcohol leads to over-expression of sensory descriptors such as astringency, bitterness, and sweetness.

NXT Balance White serves to delicately re-balance the sensory attributes, body, and mouthfeel in de-alcoholised wines. It allows winemakers to lower the sugar content of de-alcoholised wines. A lower sugar content lessens microbiological spoilage and reduces the need for additional preservatives.

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Blend of Acacia and Quebracho Tannins, Gum Arabic, and yeast derivatives


NXT Balance White is available in 500g net foil packs
containing 1kg. Also available in 5kg and 10kg pack sizes.
Larger pack volumes can be ordered – contact our customer support team.

NXT Balance White
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