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Powder descaling detergent based on organic acid

Celopol is a powder formulation based on organic acid, phosphor and nitrogen free, enabling the obtainment of a solution with a washing and descaling action, able to remove from surfaces the organic and inorganic residues. Celopol can be used for a wide range of applications in food industries, beverage bottling and in the dairy sector, above all where there are problems connected with discharge. Celopol has a controlled foaminess and this makes the product suitable for CIP applications. Also, its direct abrasive action can be exploited for some special applications (double bottom for the production of ricotta cheese).


For the washing and descaling of closed circuits, CIP plants, tanks and pipes. For the washing of molds and equipments in static systems. Double bottom for ricotta cheese. Trolleys and tables.


25 kg net bucket.
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