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Alkaline foam detergent with high chlorine content

SANIFOAM P is an alkaline foaming detergent with a high content in chlorine and potash characterized by high rinsability. It is conceived for the daily cleaning of surfaces present in the food industry and the zoo-technical sector. SANIFOAM P has intermediate characteristics between a traditional foaming agent and a gel: excellent clinging on vertical surfaces with duration along time and a better cleaning with a quick rinsing. SANIFOAM P can be applied with a wide range of supply equipments (Easyfoam P, Combifoam, Foamlance, centralized systems, etc.).



SANIFOAM P can be applied for the cleaning of walls, floors, external side of equipments and lines, tables and conveyor belts. The rinsing speed makes it the ideal product for COP systems such as those installed in bottling lines.


20 kg net drums.
1100 kg net IBC.

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