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Alkaline detergent with a high sequestering and anti-bonding action for single phase washing

X5S/S is a liquid alkaline formulation, suitable to be used with hard waters, for the recovery cleaning of closed lines subject to heat exchange in the food and dairy industry. X5S/S is able to easily remove organic and inorganic residues from surfaces, while the presence of controllers of the water hardness enables to work also with waters with a high content of salts. The formulation enables to postpone over time the acid descaling stage. The absence of surfactants enables to reduce the polluting charge which goes to the drains. X5S/S is particularly suitable for the single phase washings where a particular anti-bonding action is necessary, such as in the case of the washing of butter churns, where it will be possible to carry out hot treatments and treatments in combination with additives with a biocide action.


For the alkaline cleaning of closed circuits, tanks and pipes, CIP recovery plants. For the washing in washing tunnels and/or immersion of moulds, trays and various containers. For the treatment of pasteurizers, skimmers, trolleys and grids. For the washing of open and closed multi-purpose plants. For the hot treatment of butter churns.


25 kg net drums. 250 kg net drums. 1200 kg net IBC.
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