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Gelatinic colloid for musts, fruit juices, wines and distillates. Ideal for an associated treatment with silica sol

Gelsol is a special hydrosolubilized gelatine for the clarification treatment of distillates, red and white wines. It is a stable clear solution and of immediate application. It has a tannin combination index higher than that of normal liquid gelatines. When in contact with the polyphenols of musts, wines or distillates, Gelsol becomes insoluble and flocculates faster than the traditional solid gelatines, while forming heavy macro-coagula which incorporate the suspended solids.



Swine food gelatine stabilized with potassium bisulfite.


1 kg net bottles in cartons containing 20 kg.
10 and 25 kg net drums.
250 kg net drums.
1150 kg net IBC.

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