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Additive for alkaline solutions

Adding OX is a liquid additive for alkaline washing solutions, able to help the removal of the strong organic dirt present in all sectors of the food industry. Adding OX, when added into alkaline washing solutions, improves the cleaning effectiveness of the system, reducing times. Adding OX can be added proportionally with the help of automatic dosing systems into the washing alkaline solution. Make sure that the oxygen produced can get out of the plant.


Adding OX is used for the washing of plants (CIP, foam, etc.) where it is needed to enhance the removing/disaggregating and sanitizer action of the alkaline washing solution, and in particular cases with a non-combined action. The main fields of application are: • Dairy sector: for the washing of all closed lines and in particular for pasteurizers and sterilizers, multipurpose and hardening tanks. • Beer sector: added into the soda for the washing of cooking tanks and for “coolers”. • Soft drinks: for closed lines and fillers and especially in the case of coloured drinks. • Fruit juices: for closed lines and fillers where it contributes to the pectin detachment. • Canned vegetables: for lines and closed plants in general.


25 kg net drums. 1000 kg net IBC.
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