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Marco is never happier than when he is preparing and sharing good food and great beer and wine with family and friends. He is an advocate of quality food and drink and has always had particular interest in ancient biotechnology, early examples of which include using microorganisms to make cheese, bread, wine, and beer. Marco holds a Ph.D. in Bioscience & Biotechnology from the University of Padova, Italy, and is experienced in industrial sanitation in food and beverage plants.


So, it should not come as a surprise that Marco has been brewing beer for over twenty years, in fact, during the early days of the Italian homebrewing culture, and in the last 10 years set up his own craft brewery. When he’s not in the brewery, Marco Vescovi is the National Sales Manager for the Food & Beer Division at the AEB Group. He and his team support food and beverage producers worldwide with the application of AEB’s unique portfolio of products. The added advantage for brewing customers is that Marco uses AEB products in his brewery and he’s the first to personally evaluate the innovative eco-biotechnologies that AEB is developing.


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When she’s not in the lab, Tania loves Pilates, improv theatre and live music. She also enjoys the outdoors, cycling and seeking out good beer. Tania Porcu is responsible for AEB Group’s Quality Control Laboratory for Food & Beer, ensuring the quality management system (QMS) is maintained.


Chemistry and scientific research have always been a fascination for Tania, ever since she was a child, and that curiosity has developed into a successful and enjoyable career. With over fifteen-years with AEB Tania says: “You never stop discovering, there is always something new to learn.


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Veronica’s experience of travel has cultivated in her a deep appreciation for diversity - through people, their culture, and the food they eat. Her passion for travel, food, and cooking is evident in her blog entries. There you’ll also learn of her love of cats and reading crime novels.


When she’s not trying out a new recipe, Veronica Vezzani is the Product Manager for Beverage & Food Enzymes at the AEB Group. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia, Italy.


After spending three years in R&D at AEB, today Veronica’s role involves searching for new enzymes and advanced enzyme applications. As she emphasises, enzymes play a vital role in the chemistry of living nature, and they are also integral to the development of sustainable food systems.  


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A lifelong dream for Andrés was to one day live in Sweden and immerse himself in its unique multiculturally artistic landscape and its heavy metal music scene. In 2013 he did just that and has been instrumental in creating Macken Fest, a multidisciplinary cultural festival. But he’s also a highly experienced brewer.


Not only is Andrés Furukawa AEB’s global technical brewer, but he is also the founder and brewmaster of Macken Bryggeri AB, a craft brewery in Sweden, head brewer at Nils Oscar, a pioneering Swedish brewing company – the first to launch a non-alcohol beer in collaboration with Iron Maiden using AEB brewing solutions. 


Andrés holds a Brewmaster Diploma from the Technical University of Berlin, and a Ph.D. in Brewing from Heriot-Watt University, UK. His brewing career spans global to craft brewing, from Mexico to the US, Africa to Europe. He loves cherry pie and coffee and chatting with brewers about creating and enhancing beer aroma and flavour. 


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Gianni pays special attention to the seasons. You see, he has a passion for local agriculture and craft produce. He delights in making wine from his own vineyard in Sicily and olive oil from his own olive grove. He honed his skills from generations and perfected them with a master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and a postgraduate diploma in Bio-fermentation, both gained from the Université du Travail, Belgium. 

His studies lead him into a career where grape met grain. Gianni Di Piazza is Business Development Manager at AEB, responsible for the Beer Business. It’s a role that Gianni relishes – ensuring solutions and the expertise from AEB Brewing allows brewers to be creative and brew quality great tasting beer yet offer value and support sustainability initiatives. 


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Tommaso enjoys playing the drums, he loves his dogs, and he is a keen hiker.He’s a microbiologist at heart with a passion for industrial biotechnologies having gained a PhD researching intraspecific hybridization to produce new wine yeasts from the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia. 


He particularly likes the practical aspects of biotransformation be that in alcohol, lactic or acetic fermentations. So, naturally, Tommaso Bonciani is the business development manager for AEB NEXT. That means he’s responsible for bio- and eco-innovations in next generation beverages. These include new ready-to-drinks (RTDs), hard seltzers, hard kombuchas, cider and fermented fruit drinks, functional RTDs, canned cocktails, and cross-category drinks, as well as their no to low alcohol, less sugar, and fewer calorie variants. 


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