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Andres is our Brewmaster. His career in beer began with an obsession with brewing (and the science and techonology behind it), as well as a fascination with the different schools of thought and cultural mindsets of brewing.

He considers brewing an ‘endless journey of knowledge’. For Andres, beer is a perfect method of expression, with which you can communicate your visions, ideas and concepts from your own life story, while giving pleasure and inspiration to many and allowing others to share in this.

Beer is not his only muse. Art, music, literature, craftmanship and western philosophy feed his creativity too.


Tommaso joined AEB in 2017 as an R&D Assistant in a technical-commercial support role, after completing his PhD about the genetic improvement of wine yeasts.

He is now our global Project Manager for Low2No alcholic beverages exploring innovative products which are low in alcohol, low in calories and as natural as possible, including hard seltzers, kombucha, probiotics, alcohol-free beers and wines.

Tommaso is passionate about biotechnology and biotransformation and this passion translates to the practical application of these sciences in industry, from biocatalysts to alcoholic, lactic and acetic fermentation methods.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing the drums, hiking in the mountains and spending time with his dogs.



Tania is pivotal to our AEB Italy lab - she manages everything from Quality Control to Food and Beer R&D.

She’s been fascinated by science and chemistry since she was a child, and has made it her life’s work. She has worked in laboratories for twenty years, fifteen of those with us at AEB.

Her favourite aspect of her line of work is that you never stop discovering – there is always something new to learn, study and experiment with. Every day there’s the possibility of finding something new!

When she’s not in the lab, she loves practising yoga and improvising theatre. She also enjoys being outdoors and watching live music while enjoying a beer – she’s lost count of the number of concerts she has been to!


Baptiste comes from La Rochelle, one of France’s most fascinating and historic cities. Having discovered the world of brewing when he was a student, through a went on to study brewing and gained experience at many prestigious breweries.

He has been part of the AEB team since 2019, as our Technical Sales Engineer for France and Belgium. He also collaborates with the R&D department, establishing an important connection between brewers and AEB.

Baptiste loves sports and supports the La Rochelle rugby team. He also enjoys reading while sitting back and enjoying a beer.


Marco has been brewing his own beer for more than twenty years - since the very early days of Italian homebrewing culture. For the last ten years, he’s managed his own microbrewery using AEB products, so he knows a thing or two about what tastes great! He’s always the first person to test our product prototypes.

Marco joined the AEB team in 2017. He is our National Sales Manager for the Italian Food and Beer Division. He manages a team of people who assist brewers worldwide, offering AEB’s unique range of products and solutions.


Elodie is incredibly passionate about the alchemy of the drinks industry. She joined AEB in 2018, bringing with her a broad beverage industry experience in wines and juices, and she is now a beer expert too! She finds there are lots of things in common between different beverages and their production processes but that the variety of raw materials makes the work interesting and makes every day different!

She loves finding solutions for AEB’s customers, to help them improve the quality of their products.

Her motto? ‘Always improving, to find the best possible tasting beer for each customer’.

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