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ZYMASIL® Special Cider

Selected yeast to render more efficient the fermentation of cider and cider wines

Zymasil® Special Cider is a very alcohol tolerant yeast. In contrast to many other strains, when exposed to different technical and physical environments, Zymasil® Special Cider copes well without producing undesired substances such as H2S. The yeast has a short latency period and a good resistance to SO2, therefore it will have an immediate
prevalence over any wild yeast strain and the fermentation will start quickly. Zymasil® Special Cider works under different conditions, at various temperatures, as well as in different bases containing apple and pear concentrate in varying amounts. The performance in the fermentation, such as speed and alcohol production, depends on the correct nutrient profile in relation to the product to be fermented.

10 kg bag
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Active dry yeast (ADY).


500 g net packs in cartons containing 10 kg.


SAFETY DATA SHEET: The substance or mixture does not meet the conditions in Article 31 of UK REACH
ZYMASIL Special Cider
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