Dry active bottom fermenting yeast strain especially selected for fermentation of a wide spectrum of Lager beer styles


Bottom fermentation yeast selected by the Weihenstephan Technical University of Munich for the production of various types of bottom fermentation beers (eg. Pilsner, Hell, Bock, Schwarz, etc.). Its attenuating capacity is high and it is suitable for the production of Lager beers with a neutral and balanced aromatic profile. FERMOLAGER W is a strongly flocculating yeast able to settle quickly at the end of fermentation.

11,5 gr sachet
1 box of 20 sachets
1 pack of 5 boxes (100 sachets)
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Yeast strain: Saccharomyces pastorianus.


500 g net packs in cartons containing 1 kg.
500 g net packs in cartons containing 10 kg.
100 g net packs in cartons containing 2 kg.