made easy with NXT Kombuferm P

NXT Kombuferm P is designed to preserve the art and craft of kombucha making while adding a touch of cutting-edge technology to give you greater control over your kombucha brew.



NXT Kombuferm P is a compact 3-in-1 system that combines the kombucha brewery, the fermenter, and the finishing tank. With its precise temperature control, it will produce the perfect warm sweet tea – a mix of black or green tea in water and sugar – to start off your kombucha brew. The mixture is then cooled in-situ and ready for the SCOBY - the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast - and for the fermentation to begin.



Temperature, pH, and oxygen are key factors in maintaining the consistency of the fermentation and providing the optimal conditions for the SCOBY to work its magic. These parameters are recorded via an integrated monitoring device. A pumping-over system gently stirs the fermentation while ensuring the integrity of the SCOBY. When the fermentation is complete the SCOBY is separated from the kombucha brew which is then ready for conditioning. During this time other ingredients such as fruits, herbs, spices can be added to flavour the kombucha before packaging. This stage also allows for secondary fermentation to give an added taste complexity.

For more information about NXT Kombuferm P, please get in touch with Tommaso Bonciani, AEB Next Business Unit Manager and Kombucha production expert.



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