Activator of yeasts growth during fermentation

Enovit regulates and activates the fermentations and refermentations of musts and wines by activating and stimulating the multiplication of the yeasts. This translates in an early start of the fermentation and in a shorter fermentation run. In the case of nutritional deficiencies due to the characteristics of the cultivar or to overripe of botrityzed grapes or to clarified musts, Enovit re-establishes the ideal level of amino-nitrogen, as well as a balanced supplement of vitamins and micro elements. By inducing an increase of the cellular concentration, Enovit prolongs the vitality of the yeasts, thus assisting in completing the fermentation especially during the critical phase of decreasing development of the yeasts colonies. In those insidious instances of fermentation slow-down, Enovit prevents its arrest before the total depletion of the sugars, even in the presence of high temperatures.
25Kg bag
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Ammonium sulphate, thiamine dihydrochloride, diammonium phosphate, chemically inert filter aid.


25 kg net bags.


SAFETY DATA SHEET: The substance or mixture does not meet the conditions in Article 31 of UK REACH