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FERMOPLUS® Energy Glu 3.0

Nutrient for the yeast rehydration rich in amino acids, sterols and glutathione

Fermoplus Energy Glu 3.0 is the new frontier for the yeast nutrition in the rehydration stage; a formulation enriched with available amino acids, sterols and natural glutathione. Fermoplus Energy Glu 3.0, thanks to its formulation rich in amino acids and natural vitamins, allows obtaining a yeast that, since its reactivation, displays a vigour exceeding the standard, positively influencing its multiplication speed. By directly providing readily assimilable amino acids, it enables the cell not to synthesize them. In addition, it saves the energy it can dedicate to its multiplication, especially in the hydration stage, where the energy expense is higher.
FERMOPLUS Energy Glu 3.0


Preparation based on yeast cell walls, thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamin B1).


0,5 kg net packs in 1 kg boxes in cartons containing 3 kg. 5 kg net bags.
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