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ENDOZYM® Brewmix Plus

Complex blend of thermostable α-amylase, β-glucanase, xylanase, and neutral protease.

Designed to improve brewhouse yield. Provides consistent wort fermentability and efficient lautering or mash filtration.
Allows greater flexibility in raw material choice and can be applied to malt and adjunct mashes at a malt to adjunct ratio of 70:30.


  • Flexible recipe optimisation
  • Allows high adjunct inclusion (>60% barley)
  • Fast liquefaction
  • High extract yields
  • Efficient mash separation
  • Increases soluble protein and FAN generation for fermentation consistency
1 kg
4Kg box (4x 1Kg canister)
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Blend of neutral protese, thermo-stabilized alpha-amylase and beta-glucanase.


0,25 kg net bottles in cartons containing 1 kg.
1 kg net bottles in cartons containing 4 kg.
25 kg net drums.

ENDOZYM Brewmix Plus