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FERMOPLUS® Fragrance

Brewing yeast nutrient with specific natural amino acids, ideal for obtaining beers with high floral aromatic profile.

Fermoplus® Fragrance is a nutrient for yeast enriched with amino acids of natural origin, ideal for the production of beer with a clear floral aromatic profile that enriches in a synergistic way
the herbaceous and floral aroma of aromatic hops.

The metabolism of specific amino acids lead the brewing yeast to perform a suitable fermentation and mainly to enhance the expression of particular flavor profiles. Based on this biochemical phenomenon, AEB has developed Fermoplus® Fragrance; a specific yeast nutrient rich in specific amino acids that are essential in the yeast fermentation to promote the formation of an aromatic floral profile in beer.
This nutrient can be used for the production of any beer style, in which the brewer wants to express a refreshing yet elegant floral character in the final product.

1Kg pack
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Yeast hulls, autolysates of yeast, ascorbic acid.


1 kg net packs in cartons containing 4 kg.


SAFETY DATA SHEET: The substance or mixture does not meet the conditions in Article 31 of UK REACH
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