Laura Menozzi Award - The best oenological innovation
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Laura Menozzi Award

The best oenological innovation.

AEB, an Italian company leader in the market of technologies and biotechnologies for the oenological industry, is pleased to give the start to the first edition of the Laura Menozzi Award.
The name of the competition notice comes from the wish to remember a person who has dedicated her life to AEB, helping to make it grow till it became an excellence recognized worldwide.

The competition notice

All projects must be related to a technological or biotechnological innovation to be used in the oenological sector.
The aim is to enhance the work of professionals, with particular attention to young people, but it is also an opportunity to make important steps forward in the research of the sector.
The participation in the competition is free and is open to companies, independent professionals, research institutes, universities and high schools belonging to the agricultural-oenological area and coming from any country.
A jury of experts, composed of prominent names in the field of oenology and food technology, will select the best project and the winner will receive a prize of 10.000 euro.

Complete regulation

How to participate

To participate in the competition notice, each candidate should send the following documentation:

  • curriculum vitae of the single or of every member of the working group

  • short summary of the research

  • project including a detailed report about the work carried out

  • express acceptance of the regulation of the competition notice

  • consent to the treatment of personal data

Documents must be sent to not later than March 17, 2017.

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